kuntan hinta

Delivery and laying of turf mats

Fast and top quality delivery and laying

Suomen Kunttapiha delivers and lays turf mats everywhere in Finland. Our office and turf loading point are located in Suomussalmi.


We deliver turf mats in app. 100 x 120 cm squares, our clients are therefore encouraged to measure the area to be covered in square meters. To avoid running out of mats, it is recommended to order 10% more.

Delivery and laying requires a suitable subsoil. Our clients can prepare the soil themselves or order the work from other contractors. Forest turf doesn’t require special soil, it grows even on barren land. The mats can also be laid on steep slopes and they withstand rough weather conditions. Therefore it is a solution for places where lawns wouldn’t thrive. Ask about subsoil preparation from us.

Private deliveries

We deliver fast, at a week’s notice. Should you wish to lay the turf yourself or use other contractors, synchronizing the delivery and laying schedule is crucial: the load must be unpacked and laid immediately – within a day or two from the delivery.

Laying tips:

  • Remember to prepare the soil.
  • Lay the mats tightly against one other and peg them tight on the ground.
  • We are always happy to advise you about preparing of the soil, laying of the mats and aftercare.

Delivery to landscaping professionals

We deliver within a week from placing the order. We recommend starting laying on the next day following the delivery. Quantities depend on the customer’s needs, we provide fast and reliable delivery, from tens to thousands of square meters at a time.

Delivery and laying

Ordering laying from Suomen Kunttapiha, our experts will arrive with the delivery and start laying the garden immediately. Handy or what?

Our experts lay the mats tightly against one another to prevent the edges from drying out. Outside edges will be cut to fit your garden plan. As a result, you get a neat and stylish natural looking garden, waiting to be watered.