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Suomen Kunttapiha

Forest turf deliveries and laying everywhere in Finland

Are you dreaming of a stylish lush garden easy to look after? Get a lovely and durable forest turf garden from Suomen Kunttapiha.

Established in 2000, Suomen Kunttapiha is a landscaping business specialized in delivering, laying and designing forest turf gardens. We provide professional services to private customers and landscaping businesses everywhere in Finland. We can either deliver the turf, in which case the client does the laying, or provide a service package of delivering and laying.

Our business is based on legally harvested transplantable forest turf and we always get permission from forest owners first. Because we harvest the turf, we can guarantee the highest quality – our clients get the best turf and professional service on the market.

The gentle glow of forest turf never fades with changing seasons

The advantages of a natural forest garden are unbeatable: subshrubs are ecological, pretty and easy to look after. Preparing the ground is easy, if you follow our professional tips. Your garden will look lush and green immediately after laying – just remember to give it plenty of water. Using forest turf, the original looks of a landscape can be restored following construction or storm damage.

The seasonal appearance of subshrubs is always pretty – lush and green in spring and full of vibrant colours in autumn. Get your garden and enjoy it!

Fast delivery and laying everywhere in Finland

Suomen Kunttapiha delivers and lays forest turf everywhere in Finland. Same week deliveries can be arranged. Mats are delivered on FIN-pallets. One pallet weighs about 500 kg and covers 24 m².