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Forest subshrub garden and how to maintain it

Forest turf is lush and full of vibrant colours

The turf consists of different subshrub varieties and is legally and ethically harvested from forest management sites prior to felling and transplanted in people’s garden. The 120 x 100 cm turf mats of Suomen Kunttapiha are 5-10cm thick and include subshrubs, bryophytes and their roots. Among the subshrubs there are blueberries, lingonberries, heather and crowberries, so you get your own forest berry garden!

The forest turf garden is adjustable to different settings from natural to modern. Various natural stone structures, stepping stones and wooden patios blend well into the modest beauty of forest turf. The acidic undersoil creates favourable growing conditions for rhododendrons, azaleas and various conifers.


Subshrub gardens are surprisingly easy to look after. Once the mats are laid, they only need plenty of watering all through the rooting phase for the plants to get used to the new growing environment. Thereafter it’s almost weed and maintenance free and requires no fertilizing or trimming.

How much watering does it need? Your garden’s moisture level is adequate if you pull up a mat, give it a squeeze and see water dripping out like from a sponge. If you let the mats dry out to the extent where their edges start curving up, some of the plants will die. It is therefore important to make sure that the laid mats get plenty of watering during the first growing season through spring, summer and autumn. If the garden is laid in autumn, its growing season starts the following spring. Your subshrub garden cannot be overwatered.

Same weeding rules as everywhere else also apply to your subshrub garden: it is recommended to pull out all weeds as soon as possible.

The professionals from Suomen Kunttapiha are happy to explain about the turf garden and its maintenance. Don’t hesitate to call and we make sure to give you the best tips!

How is the turf delivered?

The turf i.e. transplantable subshrub and moss layer with roots is harvested manually in app. 100 x 120 cm mats, packed into plastic film for transportation and delivered fresh to the destination. The turf is ethically harvested, causing no damage to nature. On the contrary – the turf is salvaged for new life in Finnish gardens. We deliver and, should you so require, also lay the turf safely and fast everywhere in Finland – read more »